Clipboard with a form that says estimate on it.

Is Your Commercial Cleaning Quote Competitive?

One of the hardest parts of operating a commercial cleaning business is determining pricing. You have to have competitive rates or risk losing customers, but you also have to ensure the business is still profitable.

Part of the problem with commercial cleaning estimates is that these services can cover a wide variety of projects, so the rates can vary widely. To make sure the rates you are being charged for your commercial cleaning services are appropriate for the job, here are some considerations you need to factor in when you receive your estimate.

How Big is Your Space?

The logic behind this question is simple. The larger the area, the higher the cleaning cost typically is. Not only will a larger space take more time to clean, but it will also require more products and more manpower. Bigger spaces also typically mean more rooms, nooks, and crannies to scrub. When you receive an estimate, you may notice that some quotes are based on total floor area. 

What is The Standard of Cleaning?

When you walk into a commercial establishment, one of the first things you notice is how clean it is. There are different types of establishments and each has a different standard of cleanliness. For example, a hospital or health facility will typically need cleaned and disinfected more often and more thoroughly to prevent the spread of disease. Food related establishments, and certain types of manufacturing facilities, are also subject to specific standards to ensure the products they are producing and selling are not contaminated. The procedures and equipment for cleaning these types of establishments often cost more because the jobs are more complex.

Consider the Type of Cleaning

When calculating estimates, in addition to standards mandated by the industry and governing bodies, the cleaning company must also take into consideration the type of cleaning that is needed and requested by the client. Is the cleaning deep cleaning, or routine cleaning? While routine cleaning doesn’t require as much manpower and detail, deep cleaning often requires more of both of these, as well as more equipment and product.

How Often Does the Job Need Done?

The frequency of cleaning should also be an important consideration when a commercial estimate is made. Some types of jobs need to be done more often than others, and some commercial cleaning, when done on a routine basis, makes the job easier when done more frequently than it would be if the job was spaced further apart. 

For example, a trash chute in a busy apartment complex will take less work and products to clean it when it is cleaned every 2-3 months than if it is only cleaned annually. The same applies to cleaning carpet and other flooring in a busy office. Cleaning it routinely will be easier and take less work than letting it become stained and dirty between cleanings. Ultimately, the decision is up to the customer, but many commercial cleaning companies, including Fresh Focus, offer discounts for more frequent, regular cleaning. 

What Products are Being Used? 

At Fresh Focus we use environmentally friendly products that reduce the need to clean with water by over 90%. The products leave a clean, fresh odor behind and make your residences and businesses cleaner and safer. Be sure that the products being used on your property are safe for the occupants and good for the environment. We also work to ensure that our services disrupt the routine of your business as little as possible. Our carpets are cleaned using the encapsulation method which dries extremely fast for the least amount of disruption to your business. 

Take Into Consideration Labor Costs

Last but not least, be sure to factor in labor costs. Of course you have to take into consideration how many hours it will take to do the job and how many employees it will take to do the work, but also think about how well trained those employees are to do the job. At Fresh Focus our employees are trained and IICRC-certified to ensure that you are getting the right products and techniques for each job you are hiring us for.

At Fresh Focus our services are cost-effective, environmentally friendly, and create less mess to extend the life of your property while keeping it looking and smelling fresh without disrupting building operations. If you want peace of mind that the job will be done correctly at the best price possible, from trash chute and carpet cleaning to disinfection and deodorization services, we’ve got you covered.