What kind of products do you use to clean? 

We use water in steam cleaning processes and the highest quality carpet cleaning materials along with patented foam products when necessary. 

What makes Fresh Focus stand out compared to other commercial cleaning companies? 

We never outsource our services, so you’ll get high-quality services from industry professionals every time. Our team is trained rigorously to understand and implement safe cleaning techniques with our products and the proper cleaning equipment. Trust us for all your cleaning needs – our clients can attest to our exceptional service!

I’m interested in Fresh Focus’ services! How long is the average non-emergency wait time until I can get the first service?

Depends on the type of service and job type. Anywhere from the next day to 4 weeks.

What kind of services do you provide? 

We provide a wide range of cleaning services, such as trash area cleaning, carpet cleaning, odor removal, and more. Learn more here.

What should I do before the Fresh Focus team arrives to clean?

Notify residents of our service. Hang Trash chute closed signs up (if trash chute cleaning). Disconnect dumpster. If your site requires keys/fob for team access, have it ready to go.

How often do you provide recurring services?

Weekly, biweekly, monthly, bimonthly, every 3 months, every 6 months and yearly. 

If I’m interested in a recurring service, do I get the same team members each time? 

Yes, most likely! We want our clients to get to know our team members and for our team members to get to know our client’s and their sites.

Will Fresh Focus carry out their services in a private home, or only for businesses and multifamily properties? 

Only businesses and multifamily properties.

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