Man cleaning a fence with a pressure washer.

Why You Need a Great Dog Park

Dog parks aren’t a new thing. They’ve been around large cities for decades, but it seems as if in recent years they are popping up everywhere. From private neighborhoods to condominium complexes and apartment communities, you can find a dog park almost anywhere. Why the sudden increase? Studies show that some thirty-six percent of U.S. households have a dog as a pet and that statistic continues to grow each year. 

In many of these households, dogs are treated like family and therefore their owns expect amenities to cater to their pets just like they do to other members of their household. In addition to stainless steel appliances and beautiful bathrooms, pet owners want the community they live in to have pet friendly spaces for the four-legged member of their family, especially dog parks.

Making Your Dog Park Great

Clearly it makes good business sense to offer your residents a space their furry friends can enjoy, otherwise, you’re potentially losing one-third of potential customers. But what exactly makes a dog park great? The best dog parks are more than just a grassy area surrounded by a fence. Consider these things for your dog park as well:

  • Use low maintenance and easy to clean surfaces like artificial turf or decomposed granite. Both materials allow for good drainage and are safe for the paws of all sizes of dog breeds.
  • Clean up stations are a must in a dog park. Provide stations with supplies for cleaning up after pets because no one wants to play in a dirty park.
  • Speaking of cleaning, hire a professional company to routinely clean, sanitize, and remove odor from your dog park to keep it in tip top shape.
  • Add water fountains, agility stations, and other exercise features that a dog would enjoy.
  • And don’t forget walking paths, shade, and seating for the two-legged visitors to your park as well. 

Why Does a Dog Need a Whole Park?

If you’ve ever owned a dog, you know there is nothing better than allowing a dog to have free time from their leash, particularly if you’ve ever had one escape from their collar and go for a run. Their faces say it all. It is pure bliss for them to run free.

In urban and suburban spaces, it’s hard to allow a pet this freedom, but a fenced in dog park provides that opportunity. Dogs and freely and safely run without the dangers of traffic. They can walk on surfaces that aren’t hot and unforgiving like asphalt and concrete. And their barking, playing, and jumping is welcomed rather than being disruptive. Plus, a well exercised dog makes a great pet and a great neighbor. 

Dog Parks Bring Your Residents Together

If you think that a dog park is only benefiting the furry members of your community, think again. A by-product of a great dog park is the chance for residents to socialize with other dog loving residents of your community. A dog park is a great place to host fundraiser to rally residents together for a good cause and raise money for a local charity like a food pantry or humane society. Events like happy hour allow dog owners and their pets a chance to meet and get some exercise and fresh air. 

To ensure that your residents, both two and four-legged, get the full benefit of a dog park, make sure it is cleaning and odor free. At Fresh Focus we make your dog park enjoyable for everyone by customizing a cleaning and deodorizing plan based on your dog park’s materials and drainage system. Our services are perfect for multifamily properties, veterinarians, doggie daycare centers, and boarding facilities. Learn more by visiting us online at