Fresh Focus team member cleaning the carpets.

How to Improve Your ROI with Professional Carpet Cleaning

A common misconception of business owners is that they need to hire in-house to get quality cleaning services that meet their expectations. While that may be true for some things, it’s not always the case. In a time when almost anything can be outsourced, it’s time for even the most traditional companies to adapt to this fast-paced generation.

Although outsourcing may seem like a terrifying, risky option, some outsourced services are a viable possibility if they come from a reputable company that can back up their services with facts, data, and evidence on the benefits they have to offer.

For example, carpet cleaning services, outsourcing this task will not only cut on costs, but will save your staff time and effort. If you are having trouble visualizing the advantages of outsourcing your carpet cleaning, this guide will help you see the reasons why it can have a good return on your investment.

  1. Conserve Employee Resources – Your employees should be able to focus on their respective tasks and having to clean the carpet isn’t what they signed up for. Especially in a time when finding good, reliable employees is difficult, piling on extra work is one thing that isn’t necessary when outsourcing is possible. Professional carpet cleaning services allows trained, licensed professionals to do the work for you so your employees can incur more profit for your business.
  2. Don’t Have the Right Equipment & Products? We Do! – If you’ve decided you have the resources to clean your carpet on your own, be sure you consider the cost of training, equipment, and cleaning products. To get the quality, deep clean you have envisioned, you will likely have a pricey investment to get started and that equipment will take up space in your facility when not in use. In addition, calculate the depreciation of that equipment over the years and the amount of maintenance it will need. By trying to save on carpet cleaning service fees, you will end up paying more in the long run on all these things you forgot to include in your budget.
  3. Give Your Investment Longevity – When you care for your flooring appropriately, your carpet and tile can provide a solid return on your investment by minimizing your replacement costs and improving your customer satisfaction scores. Professional cleaning costs don’t come with an enormous initial investment either, unlike trying to handle such a task in-house.
  4. Health Risks – Many of the cleaning solutions needed to deep clean carpet can pose a danger to your staff’s health without proper management. This is exceptionally true if your staff isn’t trained on how to use them properly. By having trained professionals handle the job, having your carpet professionally cleaned won’t pose any health risks to you or your company.
  5. Improved Work Environment – Did you know that when employees work in a neat, clean environment they are more productive? When a workspace is clean, comfortable, and safe, a healthy, productive work environment is the end result. Maintaining your facility to an excellent standard of hygiene may seem difficult, but its rewards are priceless. Not only does a clean facility give monetary value by attracting more business, but also boosts employee morale so they will work harder for you.
  6. Make an Impact on Your Customers – We know we’ve mentioned it before, but your first impression is super important. When your carpets are clean and your facility is well maintained, your customers will feel more comfortable and at ease. It also shows that your establishment is credible, organized, and trustworthy. This helps secure monthly revenue and earn referrals to boost your sales.

There is a preconceived notion that we can do everything ourselves if we just try hard enough, and it is possible. However, when you look at DIY from a business perspective, you need to consider Is this the best option right now? How will it impact my return on investment? What value will it bring my company?

No matter the reason you may think that handling cleaning your floors in-house is your best option, now is the time to realign your perspective and see for yourself how outsourcing these tasks can elevate your business to a new level. Learn more about all the services Fresh Focus has to offer at