Is Your Business Making the Right First Impression?

When you first walk into a business what are some of the things you notice? Does it smell nice? Is it clean? Are there friendly faces ready to assist you? Walking into a business is the start of a customer’s first impression of the business and having it looking clean, polished, and odor free is important to how professional and respectable your business will be perceived. That’s why cleaning of your main entrance, elevators, and other public areas should be essential.

How to Keep Your Public Spaces Sparkling 

Having a beautiful entrance will make your business shine, and taking the time to ensure the spaces are well maintained is significant for your first impression on customers. The main elements to focus on include:

  • Floors – When a space gets a lot of traffic like a main entrance, lobby area, or elevator, floors can lose their luster and shine. Of course you want to clean them daily, but having them professionally cleaned on a routine basis, both carpet and tile, can bring dull, dingy floors back to life.
  • Knobs, Switches & Other Commonly Touched Surfaces – Keeping frequently touched surfaces clean of grime and germs goes a long way in making a good first impression. These areas see a lot of activity, so be sure to wipe them down daily, but also consider a routine deep cleaning and disinfecting of such surfaces.
  • Furniture – Lobby furniture needs dusting and polishing and depending on the material of the seats, you may need an upholstery cleaner to spruce them up. Leather furniture can often be brought back to life using specific cleaners that can be applied and wiped over the surface.
  • Trash and Debris – When looking around your lobby and other public areas, make sure the trash cans, trash chutes, outside dumpsters, and trash holding areas are clean and odor free. Empty the trash daily and schedule routine deep cleaning of these dirty areas to ensure they are working properly and are germ and odor free.
  • Elevators – You may not think about your elevator, but how many times have you walked into a beautiful business and stepped onto an elevator that didn’t have the same appeal? A clean elevator is just as essential to that first impression, and routine deep cleaning of your elevator can keep it sparkling just like the rest of your business spaces.

Of course, routine cleaning, both daily and deeper cleanings, maintain the appearance and condition of your public spaces, but they also help stop the spread of germs and illness among your customers and employees. If not cleaned and disinfected often, germs and illness spread quickly, so clean and disinfect for a healthier business too, not just to keep it beautiful.

Are You Ready for a Consistently Clean Business?

The easiest way to make sure your business is giving off a great first impression is to hire a professional to clean your spaces on a routine schedule. At Fresh Focus, we offer a variety of services to tackle many of your needs with just one phone call. Learn more about our services by giving us a call at (844) 487-3626 or emailing us at