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Dirty Stained Carpet? No Problem!

Keep the lobby, hallway and common area carpets clean and odor-free with Fresh Focus’ professional carpet cleaning service for businesses and multifamily properties in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, DC, and the greater New York City area.

While there are many commercial carpet cleaning services, most of them take an “every carpet is the same” approach to their cleaning process. We know that each carpet and stain is not the same, so our trained and certified technicians take a scientific approach to clean and deodorize your high-traffic areas. Learn more about our carpet cleaning service below and visit our FAQ for more information.

BEnefits Of

Professional Carpet Cleaning

Fresh Focus


At Fresh Focus, we understand that one generic cleaning process isn’t the answer to keeping carpets stain-free and spotless. Using the same standard method for every carpet type will not only result in improper cleaning, it may even damage the carpet – and void its warranty. That’s why we do things differently. Before we begin our cleaning process, our technicians will: