Woman pinching her nose while standing next to two overflowing dumpsters.

Don’t Let Dumpster Odor Ruin Your Summer

Spring and summer are just around the corner, and when the temperatures start rising, foul odors from your dumpster can quickly turn a beautiful sunny day into an unpleasant one. Not only do these offensive odors smell bad, but they create a negative impression on the cleanliness of your business. Although most dumpsters will likely experience foul odors at some point, summer heat often intensifies an already problematic space.

Typically, unpleasant odors emanating from a dumpster are due to organic waste such as vegetables, meats, urine, and other organic materials. Such decaying waste attracts insects and other pests which can result in an even bigger issue. Consequently, you shouldn’t just be concerned with indoor odors. Eliminating foul odors outside is also an extremely important part of maintaining a clean, healthy facility. 

Fortunately, with a few simple steps, it’s easy to get and keep dumpster odor under control. Here are a few steps to stop the stink:

  1. Use the Right Bags – Encourage your tenants and employees to use trash bags if they aren’t already. Well-tired, sturdy bags seal odors inside allowing less odors to escape. Ask everyone to use heavier weight bags too so they are less likely to split open when tossed in the dumpster. Overfilling bags can also be problematic. Encourage everyone to only fill bags enough that they can be fully sealed, and to double bag when a bag is heavy. 
  • Keep It Dry – Smelly bacteria and mold thrive in moist, warm environments. If possible, keep liquids out of the trash bags and the dumpster. On dry days, open the lid and side doors to air out the dumpster. While this may seem to make odors worse in the beginning, the juices causing the odor will soon dry up. As a general rule, it is best to only air out a dumpster that has just been emptied and to shut the doors tightly at night to avoid attracting pests.
  • Keep Pests Away – Even with the best of efforts, cats, mice, racoons and other animals may try to wreck your efforts by ripping open trash bags. Encourage residents to compost organic waste to limit food temptations. To deter small rodents, consider adding a drain plug over the rear plug so it can’t be used as an entrance. For larger animals, consider motion sensor lights. Many are solar powered and easy to install. 
  • Use an Odor Fighter – Once a dumpster has been emptied, the area inside and around your dumpster can be treated with a product designed to combat odors. Drying agents, such as cat litter and baking soda, can also help fight odors. 
  • Hire Professionals to Routinely Clean Your Dumpsters – Keeping areas that contain or handle the movement of trash clean and sanitary is a top priority. Our cutting-edge foam solution absorbs grime and gets your dirty dumpsters, compactors, and trash chutes clean and odor-free with no rinsing required. Our patented, no-rinse foam is a quicker, more effective, and less disruptive solution than traditional power washing. It sticks to any surface and uses live bacteria to eat away dirt and grime that won’t attract pests, plus it leaves behind a fresh scent. 

The average person generates roughly four pounds of trash each day and when that trash piles up, it’s only natural for bad odors to start. At Fresh Focus, our trained technicians can evaluate your dumpster, compactor rooms, and trash chutes to develop a plan for maintaining your dirtiest areas to stop odor in its tracks. In addition to our Fresh Focus services, we provide foam dispensing equipment that is best for your needs. Not sure which services or products you need to get the job done? Contact our team of experts to point you in the right direction!