Before and after pictures of the Fresh Foam team cleaning a dirty space.

A Clean Loading Dock is Essential to Your Operations & Safety

Routine cleaning of your company’s loading dock is vital. Your dock is the main hub of activity for the distribution of products and materials and being able to quickly, safely, and efficiently load and unload materials can impact the profitability of a company. If poorly maintained, these areas can become slippery and create the potential for serious injuries. That’s why we’re going to dig a bit deeper on how to keep your loading dock clean.

1. Make sure all items are secure.

An average loading dock processes hundreds, or even thousands, of items each day. To keep your dock clean, try to keep spills and falling items to a minimum. Some items can leave behind nasty contaminants, stain, or even crack your flooring which can result in needing costly repairs. To prevent spills and falling items, make sure to secure products to pallets. It’s also important to secure small items that could slip through a lift truck’s overhead guard. If a spill does occur, be sure to clean it up immediately before it spreads and causes damage. 

2. Create a daily cleaning schedule.

Put a systemic approach into place for cleaning, even during busy seasons. Make sure that you remove accumulated debris and hazards daily and ensure that all safety regulations are enforced. 

3. Protection from the elements.

One of a loading dock’s worst enemies is the weather. Even though many docks are located indoors, the elements can still harm your facility. Be sure to get a dock seal or some type of shelter to keep snow and rain off your docks. Without this, your dock will likely become muddy and slippery. This can not only be a hazard but can potentially attract even more contaminants.

4. Impose a strict no food and drinks policy.

It’s normal for workers to get hungry on the job, but a loading dock is not the proper place for eating or drinking. Your dock serves as part of the transportation equipment of your business’ goods, which means they should be kept immaculate and free of fallen food or spilled drinks. Enforce a strict no eating or drinking policy to keep food and drinks from drying on the surface of your dock resulting in odor, and eventually attracting pests. 

5. Routine professional cleaning.

To keep your dock in tip top shape, you should have routine professional cleaning of your loading facility. Even with daily cleaning, dirt, oil, grease, grime, and other contaminants can build up over time. If left alone, these can result in stains, chips and cracks, and result in permanent damage. While you may be tempted to save money and try to handle this task on your own, professional services can save you money in the long run. They have the experience and expertise to deliver the best possible results in half the time it would take you to handle the task in-house. 

Keep Your Loading Dock Safer with Fresh Focus

When searching for a company to give your loading dock a routine, professional clean, it is important to look at the company’s experience, equipment, and capabilities. If not done properly, loading dock cleaning can be very hazardous. The company you choose should have the right equipment and use eco-friendly methods that won’t disrupt business or the environment.

At Fresh Focus we offer professional grade, eco-friendly services by our trained and experienced staff. The first impression of your property makes a difference, even if that first impression occurs at the loading dock. To learn more about our loading dock cleaning services and the other commercial cleaning services we offer, visit us online at