Two people standing on white floors with one person holding a walker.

Why Carpet Cleaning is a Must for Senior Living Facilities

All types of carpeting require regular cleaning to function properly, and that goes beyond just feeling soft on your feet and looking good. Carpet also functions a bit like an air filter by trapping dirt, dust, bacteria, and debris. This means that keeping your carpets clean is important for any business, but especially for senior living and assisted living communities. Elderly people are more susceptible to illness and disease, so the benefits of deeply cleaned carpets is especially important for these facilities, not just for health reasons, but for many others as well.

Greater Comfort – Carpets that have been deeply cleaned enhance the overall comfort of carpet in more way than one. Not only are they softer and more comfortable to walk on, but they are more visually appealing too. This makes a space feel more inviting and calm, while dirty carpets convey a sense of uncleanliness and may give residents or visitors a bad impression of your facility.

Better Insulation – Did you know that clean carpet is better at retaining heat than dirty carpet? One of the reason people like carpeted flooring is that it is warmer to the feet and helps a space feel cozy. Older individuals are more vulnerable to temperature changes than younger people, so having clean carpets will help trap heat and regulate a room’s temperature better. 

Improved Air Quality – Carpets function as air filters by trapping dust and other particles in the fibers. One square foot of carpeting can trap up to a full pound of airborne debris and allergens. Regularly cleaning your carpets keep this air filtering job of carpet in top shape.

Increased Safety – Millions of Americans suffer from slip and fall injuries each year, and this is especially true among senior citizens. Carpet that has been thoroughly cleaned provides more traction and can help prevent some slip and fall accidents. Clean carpet is also softer and may provide more cushioning if a fall does happen. Dirty carpets compress and harden over time, providing very little cushioning for a fall. 

How Fresh Focus Can Help Protect Your Assisted Living and Nursing Home Residents

As you can see, routine deep carpet cleaning is crucial for assisted living centers and nursing homes. Not only do they create a more welcoming and comfortable atmosphere, but they create a healthier and safer environment as well. At Fresh Focus, we take special care to ensure that our chemicals and processes add even more value to your carpet cleaning routine. Here are just a few additional benefits we offer with our services.

  • Trained Technicians – Our technicians are trained and IICRC certified to evaluate your carpet and identify the right process and chemicals to ensure the routine of your residents and staff are disrupted as little as possible. In addition, we will never outsource our services to other companies, so you can be assured that your staff and residents are in good hands and will be treated professionally every step of the way.
  • Reduced Slip and Fall Risk – Our carpet cleaning process uses a solution that binds to soil, encapsulates it, and dries into a hardened crystal that will be removed with regular vacuuming. This means that carpets dry quickly making a safe, comfortable environment for everyone. 
  • Inspection of Your Carpets – One of the biggest hazards of carpeting is when they become damaged, and no one notices. As part of our cleaning, we make sure to use the correct equipment and cleaning processes to ensure your carpets are not damaged and the manufacturer warranty stays intact.

To learn more about Fresh Focus and the services we offer, including carpet cleaning, visit us online at or call us at (844) 487-3626 to schedule a free estimate.