A collage of a man cleaning different areas including a trash chute, an elevator, carpet, and a dog park.

Discover the Benefits of Our Stress-Free Recurring Services

As a property manager, you know how important it is to address problems that arise in your business in a timely manner. Although recurring maintenance tasks may seem like an unnecessary expense, it’s a service at Fresh Focus that our property managers have come to genuinely appreciate. The feedback that we’ve gotten from our happy customers tells us that our recurring services gives them peace of mind, saves them, and in the long run, saves them money. There are many ways that recurring services can benefit your business.

  1. Small Fixes Equal Big Impact – By scheduling recurring cleaning throughout your facility, trained professionals will be able to spot changes in the areas they are working on before they become a big problem. We may be able to recognize small issues that can be easily corrected before they become a costly problem that interrupts routine business. 
  2. Keep Your Property Safe – In addition to recognizing small issues that could turn into big problems, we may also notice things that may go unnoticed to your staff. While a small tear in your carpet may not seem like something to be concerned about, it can be tripping hazard that could cause you a much bigger headache if left untended.
  3. Prevent Seasonal Issues – There are certain things that come with the seasons. For example, dumpsters and trash holding areas tend to have stronger odors in the warmer months if not properly maintained, and rodents tend to find their way indoors during the cold months if trash chutes and compactor rooms are not cleaned often enough. Recurring services can address these issues and stop problems before they ever start. 
  4. Keep Up a Good Appearance – Probably the thing that benefits your property the most from recurring services is how your property appears. A property that is getting recurring services will be cleaner, smell better, and just generally be more appealing than a property that isn’t receiving that same attention. This ensures that your property is always looking it’s best to maintain business. 

Understanding the Value of Your Time

At Fresh Focus, our seamless scheduling system reduces the workload of property managers allowing them time to focus on tasks their need their attention the most. Six weeks before your scheduled service time, our team will reach out to you to plan the best time for services. You won’t have to remember to schedule our services. 

Your time is a limited resource, and you simply cannot do everything yourself. Knowing the value of your time means being conscientious of where your time is best spent. Of course, you could deep clean your carpets yourself, but that takes a lot of time. Are you able to give up that time to focus on carpets when there are other areas of your business that need your attention more? 

Scheduling Recurring Services Saves Money

In line with benefit number one listed above, scheduling recurring services will help ensure that small issues don’t become big problems. Not only do recurring services allow you to control the cost of the larger maintenance needs of your property, but it can also help prevent many of the potential complaints your tenants make throughout the year. This means you won’t be dealing with bigger, more costly issues or as many maintenance requests and complaints.

Schedule Your Services Today

Are you ready to have the time savings and peace of mind that our recurring services can give you? Let us provide cost-efficient services that will keep your property safe, avoid seasonal issues, and keep your property in tip top shape. Our expert cleaning technicians keep your carpets, trash maintenance areas, dog parks and cleaner and more sanitary for your residents, customers, and staff. We clean commercial properties in New Jersey, New York City, eastern Pennsylvania, down to Washington, D.C. Learn more by emailing us at info@freshfoam.com or giving us a call at (844) 487-3626.