A dog laying on the grass while wearing sunglasses with a few dog toys surrounding him.

Don’t Let a Smelly Dog Park Ruin Your Summer

The popularity of dog parks and play areas is growing, especially in urban areas where space is limited. This means that maintenance is an ongoing responsibility that affects the owners of these spaces. With temperatures on the rise and the official start of summer just weeks away, now is the perfect time to take into consideration all the things that go into maintaining these special areas of your property. 

While the following list isn’t intended to be all encompassing, the below information can help you consider, modify, and adopt an ongoing maintenance plan that fits the design and needs of your dog park area. 


Ideally, owners would pick up their dog’s waste, but that doesn’t always happen. Which is why it is important to plan on routinely inspecting and picking up waste that has been left behind. While doing this routine maintenance, also empty dog waste disposal stations and restock dog waste bags. Pick up and dispose of dog toys that have been left behind as outside toys may crate competitive situations between dogs. 

Plan to have some kind of cleaning and disinfection as part of your maintenance as well. Be sure that all cleaners you use are non-toxic to pets. At Fresh Focus our trained and certified professionals create a custom cleaning and deodorizing plan based on your dog park’s subsurface material and drainage system that only uses products that are safe for pets. 


Make sure that all plantings that can be reached by pets inside the dog park perimeter are non-poisonous to pets and people, and maintain sightlines throughout the park by keeping interior plants neat and trimmed. When removing weeds, be sure you do not use toxins as many times these chemicals are not just toxic to plants, but many are poisonous to dogs too. 

Inspect interior plants for damage caused by chewing or urine and make sure the perimeter of the park is in tact and that no “escape routes” have been dug. Plan to replenish decomposed wood or bark chips as needed, and on warm days, make sure surfaces, such as sand, are not too hot for dogs’ paws. 

Equipment Maintenance

Routinely inspect and test all amenities and equipment for damage. Inspect tunnels for debris and remove it as needed. Tighten bolts on equipment and make sure there are no sharp objects that have come loose that could be harmful to pets and people using the park. 

Walk the fence inside and out and make sure it is tight and secure without holes or loose spots. Ensure shade structures are maintained and that shade fabric is undamaged. 


Ensure that all lighting is working properly and that no wires are exposed. If electric or battery powered gates are being used, ensure the batteries are replaced regularly and that they are working properly. 

Test the water fountains and fresh water stations to ensure they are clean and working properly. Of course you don’t need to worry about this in the summer time, but when winter rolls around, take into consideration whether these areas needs to be cleaned, prepped, and shut off for the winter. 

Hire a Professional to Help You Today

With a complete and regularly observed inspection and maintenance plan, you can ensure your dog park is enjoyable and usable for years to come. At Fresh Focus, we understand that there is no “one size fits all” method for cleaning dog parks and removing tough odors. Our certified cleaning professionals evaluate the subsurface and drainage system in place, then we adjust our methods to ensure that each dog park is safely and efficiently cleaned and deodorized.  

Get a free quote today and make your dog park enjoyable again for residents and their furry friends this summer and year round! Serving apartments and businesses in New York City, New Jersey, and eastern Pennsylvania down to Washington, D.C.