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Why Your Business Could Benefit from Vendor Consolidation

Businesses are almost always looking for ways to save time, improve efficiency, strengthen relationships with vendors and customer, and reduce costs. Those are just some of the reasons why vendor consolidation has taken the forefront as the leading strategy for achieving those goals. The concept of vendor consolidation is a simple one. It’s simply reducing the number of vendors a business partners with in order to streamline processes and reduce expenses. 

While most businesses have product and supply vendors, many also outsource services to vendors in order for those services to be completed by experts. Many times, business owners find themselves overflowing in vendor partners that only handle one area of operations. This negates the purpose of outsourcing services to reduce cost and improve efficiency. By consolidating resources and focusing on a smaller group of vendors, or even a single vendor, to handle more than one service, you can put your focus back on where it was to start with – efficiency and cost reduction. 

Benefits of Vendor Consolidation

Consolidation of vendors comes with a variety of benefits. There are four main reasons why many business owners are adopting this forward-thinking strategy:

  • Save Time – Time is a valuable resource and businesses are always seeking ways to reduce time spent on small tasks so they can focus on big-picture goals. Having a large roster of service vendors results in too much time spent managing those vendors. By scaling down the list of service providers, time savings can be achieved so you can focus on higher-level business operations. 
  • Cost Reduction – The smaller a vendor pool for a business is, the more purchasing power a business has with those vendors. This allows a business to get better pricing and overall reduction in costs. With a smaller group of vendors to manager, the cost of setting up a vendor in your operating system and completing transactions can be significantly reduced. 
  • Maximize Efficiency – By partnering with a single vendor or small group of vendors, it is easier to manage those partnerships. Having multiple vendors requires multiple employees to help with the processes and services of those vendors, making the multi-vendor approach inefficient. There is also a reduction in risk when using just one vendor. Relying on too many vendors can result in redundancies and additional risk, but working with a shorter list of trusted, strategically picked vendors allows a business to have a more hands off approach when it comes to vendor management. 
  • Strengthen Vendor Relationships – Building a relationship with a small circle of trusted, skilled vendors is one of the biggest benefits of vendor consolidation. Consolidation allows both the vendor and business to prioritize the relationship resulting in a more valuable, meaningful collaboration. 

Consolidate Services with Us

Vendor consolidation allows the benefits of such business tactics to be taken to a hire level. Working with a trusted vendor long-term enables the business to know that their services are in capable hands that can be relied on. 

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