Man spraying a dog park with cleaning foam.

Commercial Cleaning vs. Janitorial Cleaning: What’s the Difference?

You have probably heard of a janitor cleaning a space, and you may have even heard of commercial cleaning services, but do you know what the difference is between the two? Janitorial services take care of day-to-day cleaning tasks for a business, while commercial cleaning professionals take care of the larger tasks. Knowing the difference helps you determine which service is best for you.

Every business is different, which means that every cleaning requirement is also different. However, understanding your business and its cleaning needs helps you provide the services that best benefit your business while being the most cost-effective.

Janitorial Services

Do you remember being at school and seeing the janitor emptying the trash and mopping the floors? Those are just two of the things that a janitor can do. Routine, day to day maintenance and cleaning is typically the job of a janitor. They keep the environment clean and may also take care of basic maintenance tasks like fixing a door handle or a leaking faucet.

Typical areas of maintenance for a janitor include:

  • Emptying the trash
  • Vacuuming the carpet
  • Mopping hard floor surfaces
  • Dusting
  • Restroom and public space cleaning
  • Basic ground maintenance such as weeding and mowing
  • Sweeping the parking lot

These services are essential where cleanliness is paramount in order to maintain a safe look and feel for your property. 

Commercial Cleaning Services

Commercial cleaning professionals typically take care of areas that are larger and don’t need daily maintenance. For example, they may maintain HVAC systems, deep clean carpeting, and clean trash chute and holding areas. This means that the professionals carrying out these services often need specific skills and training, use specialized equipment, and typically need licenses or insurance to carry out their services. 

Commercial cleaning services may take care of the following:

  • Deep cleaning of flooring including carpet, tile, grout, hardwood, vinyl, and laminate
  • Window cleaning
  • Deep sanitation of high traffic areas
  • Furniture and upholstery cleaning
  • HVAC cleaning and maintenance
  • Trash chute and trash holding and handling cleaning and maintenance
  • Dog park cleaning

Since commercial cleaners often work on a set schedule, you can plan these tasks in advance making routine maintenance tasks less worrisome and time consuming for you and your staff. 

Benefits for Your Business

Larger establishments, like multi-tenant properties, will often benefit from both types of services. For instance, janitorial services can be used for daily, more immediate cleaning needs while commercial cleaning services can be used for maintenance of larger areas and items that don’t need daily cleaning. 

By working with a trusted company like Fresh Foam, you can tailor your commercial cleaning services to meet your needs. We offer a variety of commercial cleaning services including trash area cleaning, carpet and tile cleaning, disinfecting services, odor removal, dog park cleaning, and more. Our professional, trained team will listen to what you need and make sure those needs are met. Call our expert, friendly team today to learn more.