Person with blue gloves on spraying a table with one hand while holding a towel in the other hand.

Understanding How Germs Spread Through Your Facility

One of the top concerns for many property owners, especially during a time of pandemic, is how germs are spread and how to keep them from infecting their entire facility. As more people return to work and in person activities, property owners and managers in every industry have been taking additional steps to provider a healthier, safer environment.

Germs are easily spread, and especially in a property that is visited or lived in by many people because common surfaces come into contact with dozens of people each day. By understanding more about how germs spread, you can better understand what must be done to reduce this spread. 

Viruses, bacteria, and other germs accumulate on surfaces around a facility by touch, but also by airborne transmission. Hot spots that harbor germs include carpeting, fixtures, door handles and knobs, restrooms, gym equipment, elevator buttons, office equipment, trash chutes, ductwork, and more. 

Did you know…

  • The average employee touches some 300 surfaces every half hour.
  • One study by the University of Arizona found that one door contaminated with a virus spread to nearly 50 percent of the hands of workers and surfaces in the office in just four hours.
  • If a keyboard is property cleaned with antibacterial solutions, the bacteria can be reduced by up to 100%.

As a property owner or manager, you want your employees, residents, and other people that visit your business to be healthy and safe. Here are some ways you can keep germs at bay:

Keep Your Carpets from Being a Breeding Ground

Carpets, rugs, and floors may be beautiful and welcoming, but these high traffic areas bring in germs and allergens. Bacteria, viruses, pollen, fungi, tars, chemicals, and other residues are often found in carpets and flooring. Keep these germs and allergens at bay by vacuuming and mopping daily, but also have your floors and carpets professional cleaned at least twice a year. This will make a huge difference in the appearance of your floors, but also the cleanliness. 

Disinfect High Touch Areas 

Studies show that the average office desk has as much, or more, bacteria than a toilet seat. To put that into perspective, an average workspace has over ten million bacteria on it, some 400 times more than a toilet seat. Items such as keyboards, telephones, and headsets become unsanitary quickly when used routinely. If not cleaned often, bacteria will continue to multiply. 

At Fresh Focus, we offer a variety of professional disinfecting services including general wipe down services, preventative disinfecting services, and reactive disinfecting services. We use an EPA-registered antimicrobial disinfectant that has a kill time of just 5 minutes, offering sanitization of high-touch surfaces throughout your apartments, offices, retail, and commercial spaces. 

Germs Spread Through Trash Chutes and Duct Work

While you may not think of these areas as somewhere germs spread, just think of how they connect to nearly every space in your facility and then think again. Ductwork routes through the entire building and into each room, and trash chutes have openings on every single floor and often in more than one location.

When bacteria, viruses, mold spores, and other germs enter these tunnels, they can quickly spread through your entire facility making everyone sick. The best way to ensure this doesn’t happen, is routine professional cleaning of your trash chutes and ductwork. 

Staying Healthy

While it may not be possible to keep all germs in check and avoid illness entirely, it is possible to do your best to keep your facilities and properties as clean, safe, and healthy as possible. To learn more about how Fresh Focus can be an important part of your cleaning and maintenance programs, visit us online at