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Make foul-smelling trash maintenance areas a thing of the past at your commercial or multifamily property! Fresh Focus’ expert technicians clean and deodorize dumpsters, compactors, and loading docks quickly and efficiently with modern foam technology—no rinsing required. Don’t deal with the hassle of pressure washing any longer. Call us to clean your dumpsters or compactors in New York City, New Jersey, and eastern Pennsylvania down to Washington, D.C.

Clean & Sanitize

Benefits of Fresh Focus

Our cutting-edge patented cleaning foam is the perfect solution for hard-to-clean dumpsters, compactors and loading docks. It uses live bacteria to eat away at the accumulation of grime and debris, leaving behind a clean surface and fresh-smelling scent. Our patented foam offers many benefits over traditional power washing including:
Fresh Focus

Say Goodbye to Odor Complaints!

Fresh Focus’ cleaning services are ideal for apartment communities, multi-use commercial buildings, and warehouses or distribution centers with multiple trash handling areas or trash chutes. Our foam sticks to anything so the deep clean goes beyond the dumpster or compactor to include the surrounding area as well. You won’t have to deal with garbage odor complaints again! 

We never outsource our work so you can trust that you’re always getting quality service. Call Fresh Focus or fill out the form below to get your trash areas clean and odor-free today!

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