Foam vs. Power Washing



For years, facilities managers have relied on power washing to clean and maintain buildings and equipment in residences and businesses. Now, Fresh Focus offers the most effective alternative to power washing. Unlike pressure washer detergents, our patented foam eliminates mold, bacteria, and mildew, and deodorizes while cleaning, leaving behind nothing but sparkling clean dumpsters, trash chutes, and concrete surfaces. Get a power-washed clean with minimal water!

Maintaining common trash areas and high-turnover rental spaces in commercial buildings and multi-family residences can be a challenge. Our commercial no-rinse foam cleaner and deodorizer offer superior results that are both environmentally friendly and chemical-free. At Fresh Focus, we stand by our patented technology over traditional methods like power washing.

Foam vs Traditional Pressure Washing

Man spraying the inside of a dumpster with cleaning spray.

Cleaning Foam

A safe, less expensive, environmentally-friendly solution to cleaning and deodorizing.

Fresh Focus offers a patented formula that is environmentally safe, efficient, effective, and deodorizes as it cleans. Mold, bacteria, and mildew are eliminated during the process, leaving behind nothing but sparkling clean equipment and surfaces. Additional advantages of foam include:

Man spraying the exterior of a dumpster with cleaning spray.

Power Washing

A wasteful, potentially damaging, non-eco-friendly method that does not offer proven odor removal.

Still a widely popular solution for cleaning, power washing carries a number of disadvantages. While power washing cleans off surfaces and equipment, it isn’t as effective as foam. Power washing can also result in the following adverse effects:

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We offer cleaning services that will leave your building’s trash areas, carpets, and turnover units spotless and odor-free. Get your equipment and common spaces clean with Fresh Focus!

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