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What is Preventative Maintenance & How Can It Help Your Business

You’ve probably heard the term preventative maintenance, but you may not understand everything that entails. Preventative maintenance, or PM, is a set of scheduled activities that are done to maintain a facility and its equipment or other resources to prevent unexpected problems in the future. At a glance, this includes inspection, servicing, and repairing any potential issues to prevent even greater costs in the long run.

One of the essential characteristics of a property manager or business owner is to foresee any issues that may hinder their operations down the road. When it comes to commercial properties, especially those involving tenants, there’s an endless list that should be evaluated. While some owners and managers only respond to issues after they occur, there are much more benefits to be being proactive and troubleshooting smaller issues before they become big problems. 

Different Types of Preventative Maintenance

There are four major types of PM generally used in business operations: Time based, Usage based, Condition based, and Predictive Maintenance. Although they are all structured for the same end result, each one entails distinct and different methods. 

  • Time Based – This type of approach is scheduled at an interval regardless of resources and condition. Time based PM will be triggered at a specific date and time as part of a routine, commercial cleaning schedule. This approach may seem costly, but it is proactive and keeps things running smoothly and without interruption because problems are often caught before they disrupt daily operations. 
  • Usage Based – This type of PM is more frequently used with equipment and is triggered when equipment reaches a specific point of usage. Without this type of PM, equipment may get damaged and require costly repairs.
  • Condition Based – While usage and time based PM are typically more automated, condition-based PM works differently. This type of preventative maintenance is based on the condition of the area or equipment. When an area in a business is noticeably needs cleaning or equipment isn’t as productive, this type of PM is triggered.
  • Predictive Maintenance – This type of PM is very similar to condition based preventative maintenance with the exception that it uses data gathered in the condition of a piece of equipment to estimate, or predict, when preventative maintenance should take place. 

Why Preventative Maintenance is Important

Some companies understand the importance of PM, but others don’t. While the main purpose of preventative maintenance is to avoid unnecessary downtime and interruption to daily business, there are several other reasons why PM is vital to your business.

  • Increase Productivity – You know that time is valuable, but when broken equipment or dirty facilities interrupt your business operations, time is of essence. Preventative maintenance helps increase productivity because issues are addressed before they interrupt daily business operations. Employees and administrators don’t have to spend valuable time trying to fix issues that haven’t been prevented.
  • Reduce Maintenance Costs – Of course you know that revenue is an essential part of business. When we have the right tools and right people taking care of routine operations, we can focus on investing in our business. Failure to maintain and take care of your property and equipment puts your entire company at risk. Not only will it affect the employees that work for you, but also the impression your business gives potential customers. And let’s face it, routine preventative maintenance is much cheaper in the long term than costly repairs once something is broken. Think of your car and oil changes. 
  • Avoid Safety and Health Risks – In addition to productivity and efficiency, PM also plays a vital role in avoiding safety and health risks. For example, routine cleaning of your trash handling areas prevents the spread of germs and disease throughout your facility, while regular cleaning of your carpet may help point out areas that need attention before they become a trip and fall hazard. 

Let Fresh Focus Help with Your Preventative Maintenance

At Fresh Focus, we clean and deodorize the dirtiest areas of commercial businesses and multifamily properties. Our expert cleaning technicians keep your carpets, trash maintenance areas, dog parks and more clean and sanitary for your residents, customers, and staff. We clean commercial properties in New Jersey, New York City, eastern Pennsylvania, down to Washington, D.C. To learn more and request a free estimate, simply click here