Interior of a trash chute with cleaning foam.

Is It Ok to DIY Clean Your Trash Chute?

With the internet at our finger tips, it’s simple to look up do-it-yourself ways to tackle about any project. These tips can be great and save you a lot of money, but there are other things that are best left to a professional. Cleaning your trash chutes is one of those.

A trash chute is one of the least visible parts of your building, but don’t let that fool you into thinking it should be at the bottom of your list of priorities. A trash chute serves to move trash from other areas of the building to the collection room. In theory, this should mean that it is clean because only bagged trash goes into the chute, right? Wrong! You have to take into account that some residents will throw unbagged garbage into the chute, and bags can rip as they tumble down the chute stringing trash and debris all the way down. Even if the visible parts of your chute are clean, that doesn’t mean that the interior walls further down aren’t dirty and harboring germs and odors. 

DIY vs. Professional Cleaning

So when is it okay to clean it yourself versus calling in the help of a professional? There are a few things you can handle on your own, especially if you use professional products like our Foam Cart. Our foam cleans grease and grime found in areas common to pests, helps improve resident satisfaction with the reductions of complaints related to trash areas and odors. 

You should always routinely clean out the trash chute door and wipe down the inside where you can reach. Spraying the interior surface with an antibacterial spray is also something you can do to help with germs and odors, especially since this is a surface touched by many people in your community. 

However, to get a really deep, thorough clean, a professional, trained cleaning company is always going to be your best bet.  Routine professional cleanings go a long way toward preserving the life of your trash chutes and compactor, and even if you handle touch up cleanings in between services, there are just places you can’t reach. 

Our patented, no-rinse cleaning foam is a quicker, more effective, and less disruptive solution than traditional power washing. It sticks to any surface and uses life bacteria to eat away dirt and grim leaving behind a clean chute that won’t attract pests or spread germs or odors throughout your buildings. 

Hire a Professional

Don’t wait until your trash chute is already having problems. Contact us today. If you want to keep your building safe, clean, healthy, and odor free, hire a professional to clean your trash chutes and other high concern areas. We never outsource our service so you can be sure you’re working the with trained professionals that you know you can trust.